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Home Movie Transfers

Home movies are a grassroots way of recording not only a family's history, but a history of society as well.

Now is the time to transfer your films to digital media. It's not that the film will deteriorate (it will probably outlast any medium it's being transferred to), but the projectors used to view the films are disappearing. And as Baby Boomers age and also start to disappear,  it's important to view these films with them and write down the particulars of who's who and what's what so that this information isn't lost forever.

We're not the cheapest home movie transfer facility in Canada, but as far as value for money, we feel we're the best. Your films do not leave our premises. Each reel is inspected, assembled and hand cleaned. Any repair work is done at that time.  Our technician, with more than twenty years experience in film transfers, is with your job for the duration, making corrections as needed.

While we protect the identities of all of our customers, we can say that we've transferred the home movies of Canadian and British prime ministers, American presidents, Nobel Prize recipients, Academy Award and Canadian Screen Award winners and nominees, Governor General Award winners, and members of the Order of Canada as well as thousands of families.

We offer a free 3 minute sample transfer of your footage so that you can compare it to other transfers.  If cheaper transfer houses feel that they're as good as we are they should be eager to also provide a free 3 minute sample!


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