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About Us

We're a small, tightly knit group of people who have always striven for perfection in our work. As enthusiasts, we do our best to support small gauge film in a number of ways, from festival and workshop sponsorships, scholarships and awards to pro bono community work.

Each of us pursues an artistic avocation in our spare time including music, writing and filmmaking. So we understand the creative needs of our clients and do our utmost to provide you with the best product at an affordable price.


About Film

Back in 1987 when we first opened our doors VHS was leading-edge technology. How far we've come! All of our transfers are now to digital media. Who knows what lies ahead for film?

We've not only seen a huge increase in the amount of archival film being brought in for transfer, but Kodak has also made a 10 year commitment to film, so those of you still shooting super 8mm and 16mm can continue with confidence.


After 27 years it's still exciting to come to work because we simply love what we do!


  16 Foundry Avenue, Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario, M6H 0A9